Summary of Audience Needs for Her Campus 

Audience Profile: 

Her Campus is a “global community for college women,” with the aim to publish content specifically geared toward women in college. The site has the most success in the United States, with over 290 campus chapters. Her Campus serves its audience by allowing “collegiettes” to create and manage their own school chapter and to publish content that is personal to their school with correspondence from a managing editor online. The typical content must relate to the current college experience or current events impacting colleges, and the most common types of articles fall under categories such as “style,” “love,” “life” “career,” with special sections dedicated to out-of-college experiences (“high school” and “real world”).
Purpose of Publication:

Her Campus publishes a variety of content, from health and beauty to current events and world news. Overwhelmingly, the entertainment content is most popular. Each campus chapter is responsible for publishing interesting content for their classmate readers as well as the general audience of Her Campus, and entertainment pieces are what is currently very popular among college readers. “Listicle” pieces a-la-Buzzfeed and internet trends and fashion a-la-Seventeen magazine are the most shared pieces by far. Mostly, these entertainment pieces create a sense of community with a shared humor and that is relate-able to the college experience.
Frequency of Publication:

Frequency of publication depends on individual college chapters, but typically there is new content every week. Her Campus CNU, for example, sets a due date for articles at the end of each week, and then articles are scheduled to be published throughout the following week to continuously have new content for CNU readers. This gives structure to the writing and publishing process within the chapter, but allows readers to feel like there is always something new on the website.

Her Campus’ main competition are other online magazines that cater to college-aged audiences, such as:

What all of these sites have in common is that they are structured similarly (constantly putting out new content, new articles, encouraging “shares” and “likes”) and are fighting for the same audience (ages 15-25, mostly high school and college). For Her Campus, the audience is most specialized because it is geared specifically to colleges, and specifically to women.
Style Issues:

The current site interface is very user-friendly and navigate-able. The color scheme is bright and bold (hot pink, black & white), and matches throughout the site. There are numerous hyperlinks, for popular articles, for particular article categories, and for specific campus chapters. These all together make the site eye-catching and easy to use, as well as very expertly promoting new content.
Information Challenges:

The only obstacle I see as an issue for Her Campus is that campuses that do not have a chapter may not encounter Her Campus articles, since the function of a Her Campus college chapter is to circulate a hub of content that is specific to the campus as well as to contribute global content. Her Campus chapters engender a community following, which helps spreads content within and further than the college circuit.


I think there should be a team that works to promote the website to new campuses, or there needs to be new efforts to do so if this team already exists. The team should find ways to get into contact with college students that they see potential as journalists with. The more chapters opened, the more original content there is to share; the more content there is to share, the more potential for the website to go viral.


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